Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether
Fatty alcohol polyoxypropylene ether
Alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether
Fatty acid polyoxyethylene ester
Polyoxyethylene ether from castor oil
Glycerol polyoxyethylene ether
Aliphatic amine polyoxyethylene ether
Polyethylene glycol PEG
Polypropylene glycol PPG
Polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether MPEG
Polycarboxylic acid water reducer large monomer
Span Span
Twain Tween
Penetrating agent
Net lotion
Defoaming agent
Antiager SP
Antistatic agent
Phosphate ester
Ammonium sulfate salt
Fatty acid ester
Fatty acid diethanolamide
Pesticide emulsifier
Special emulsifier
Textile printing and dyeing AIDS
Oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion
Other additives
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About Us

      Jiangsu haian petrochemical plant (jiangsu haian petrochemical) is located in haian county, jiangsu province high-tech zone, enterprises with nonionic surfactant cleaner production patent technology, has an annual production capacity of 100000 tons of industrial additives, the enterprise passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification.
      Haian petrochemical plant produces various surfactants and industrial additives. Product has leveling agent, emulsifier, dispersant, penetrating agent, cleaner, in addition to the agent, antistatic agent, defoaming agent, pesticide emulsifier, polyether, polyethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol and oleic acid ester, lauric acid ester, span, twain, alcohol ether phosphate, sulfate, and so on more than 20 series, more than 300 varieties, widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, dye, medicine, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, rubber, plastics, food, paper, leather, cosmetic, paint, metal processing, environmental protection, concrete, etc.
      Haian pays attention to service quality, and has various kinds of spot products all year round. The special specification products are developed and processed on behalf of the customers, providing all-round products and application services. The electronic Commerce Department of the factory and the international trade department have made the online sales of products the main force to occupy and expand the market.
      Haian petrochemical pays attention to technology investment, sets up product research center, specializes in product technology research, development and application work, serves customers, develops the market. The large number of users need special specifications of surfactant, industrial additives products, the factory will do its best to develop and produce.
      Jiangsu hai 'an petrochemical plant focuses on product quality. Companies adhere to scientific development, technical innovation constantly, achieve no steam 08 and zero emissions of new type of surfactant production process, promote the industry technology, filled the blank in the world, and made great contribution to protecting the environment. Enterprise successively obtained "nantong cleaner production demonstration enterprise", "nantong circular economy demonstration enterprise", "nantong environmental friendly enterprise", "haian county green enterprise" and other glorious title.
      Enterprise spirit, never satisfied. Jiangsu haian petrochemical plant will be more stable in the market, more focused on serving customers, to a better tomorrow!